Expanding my little garden


Herb gardening in patio pots is fun!

 Recently, I made an impromptu decision to start an herb garden. For now, my herbs are in pots on my patio, and they now include Rosemary, lemon thyme, apple mint, hot and spicy oregano, sweet basil and cilantro. 

  Other favorites in my pots are minuature roses rescued from another spot in the yard; gardenia start-ups from one of the huge gardenias here (one for each of my two granddaughters, Emily and Anne); a peach tree sapling that I’m nursing for Emily and a pot of cockscomb seeds just now peeking through (which my sis Sonja mailed to me). 

 Recently added to an island by the patio are three tomato plants, two bell pepper plants and two hot pepper plants. I had help from hubby, although I didn’t really need it but he enjoys gardens, too. 


Cockscomb seeds are coming up!

 This is my first try at growing vegetables and herbs at this home, since we bought here in 2011. So I don’t really know if there’s enough sunlight peeking through and around all our big trees to make a go of it or not. Nothing ventured; nothing gained. 

Wish me luck and sunshine!

That’s all for now from Trilla’s Garden.  


3 thoughts on “Expanding my little garden

  1. It all looks great – I’m hoping you’ll make me a delish lunch once all the veggies and herbs are ready – haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great pics – I’m so excited about your little garden and crossing fingers you’ll get a wonderful bounty!

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