The people are friendly in Cochin, India!

caption id=”attachment_2398″ align=”alignright” width=”300″]St. Francis Catholic Church in Cochin, India St. Francis Catholic Church in Cochin, India[/caption]

Sunday, May 26 – Day 6 of the 3rd cruise

There are a lot of people in India! That’s no secret, but the friendliness of the locals here might be.
Today is Sunday, so when we stopped at St. Francis Catholic Church (circa 1500’s) on our tour, mass was in progress. Just as in Goa, they said it was OK to have a look inside the door.
India is still a third-world country but they are making progress in many ways. A usual sight that was surprising to me was their use of motor scooters as a “family” vehicle. More than once, I saw a dad, mom and child all riding on the same scooter, weaving in and out of traffic. I know this can’t be safe, but it means they are a mobile society and are determined to get around in an extremely crowded world – one way or another! At least, this is how I try to think of it, and pray that they are safe.
The utility poles might not be up to our standards, but it does the job and brings this society into modern times. I cringed just to look at all those exposed wires!
This was our second port stop in India – Cochin – said to be the “Queen of the Arabian Sea,” as it was the first European colonial settlement in India. Being located on the spice route, it became an important trading center and joined the Indian Union in 1947, bringing dynamic change.
Here is a hub for spices, textiles, rugs and semiprecious-stone jewelry. Also, teakwood is imported from Malaysia for manufacturing, such as furniture.
The Portuguese left their mark here in architecture among other things, as well as the Dutch and British, giving a European feel. We were amazed as we saw that the seashore was lined with fishermen using the centuries-old fishing method – Chinese boats and nets. The fish market is located near the historic remains of Fort Cochin, with only a stone wall remaining. DO NOT go near the fish markets if you’re sensitive to foul odors! Oh, my!
Our group also took a tour of Jew Town, which was once occupied by local Jewish people, and now consists of souks – anything and everything Indian is for sale! We also visited the Mattancherry Palace and Pazhayannoor Baghavathy Temple.
Goodbye, India! You have gifted me with many intriguing, visual memories, both in Cochin and in Old Goa. Good luck to you in your future!
The Mariner of the Seas will now head east into the southern Bay of Bengal and Adaman Sea, said to be historic and strategic waters. Trade along the seas on this cruise through Malaysia included spices, opium, tea, gold and more.
Penang is our next port in three days…sees you there!
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Chinese fishing boats on seashore in Cochin, India

Chinese fishing boats on seashore in Cochin, India

Utility pole in Cochin

Utility pole in Cochin



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