There will be a slight delay

The captain says our delayed departure from port is due to loading and unloading. No problem here – it means I can still use my phone for blogging.
We were not concerned when the captain made an announcement following our emergency procedures briefing that the ship would be in port until 7 p.m. for loading and unloading. Eyebrows were raised, however, when he announced that departure would not be till 9 p.m. At 9:30 we’re still in port.
We had a nice lunch with our friends Janet and Steve in the Windjammer Cafe after boarding. The Bon Voyage cocktail party in the Dragon’s Lair Disco at 4:30 was certainly premature, since the ship has yet to move, but it was so nice to meet fellow travelers from Kingwood and beyond. The cocktail party was followed by a lovely dinner in the Rhapsody in Blue dining room, where we met our waitstaff and enjoyed their service and a very scrumptious meal. We then spent about an hour in the Savoy Lounge.
It could be that the ship’s Bon voyage party will take place before midnight but I think we’ll just call it a night.
One sad note concerns the casino — it will not be open until day nine of the cruise, due to renovations. And they have promised it will be worth the wait!
Stay tuned for an update on the reluctant cruise tomorrow.



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