Houston, we have a Fun Park!

Houston, we have a Fun Park – But you have to drive to Galveston! The Pleasure Pier on Galveston Island was a pleasant surprise encounter! On a recent Sunday afternoon, while taking a leisurely drive and enjoying a day of sunshine, we were drawn to the ocean (well, in this case it’s the Gulf) like a duck to water.
We knew the Pleasure Pier was up and running but we had not found the opportunity to check it out — until now! At this point, we looked around us and wondered why we didn’t have our grandkids with us. Next time, we said, and we can’t wait!
We bought a walk-on pass and continued on our fact-finding mission. This is a full-blown amusement park constructed on a pier over the waves. We were amazed!
We looked at the brochure and it said. “Calling all Thrill Seekers!” Can you imagine 16 amusement park rides all on one pier? It is amazing to see!
There’s a kiddie big top area, pier party zone, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., gift shoppes, photos, live music & entertainment, food, midway games and more!
Hope you get the chance to check out The Pleasure Pier soon!

Another excuse to visit Galveston!

Another excuse to visit Galveston!


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