Get ready for some southern comfort!

Here is a look at a few spots that I consider the cream of the crop!

Tuscaloosa! Dreamland BBQ — now that’s what I’m talking about.
Tuscaloosa pic
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Daytona! Not just for NASCAR lovers! The sights, the sounds, the aromas — Love Dayton and nearby spots, too!

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Daytona Beach

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Civil War Trail in West Tennessee! Follow the Civil War Trails in Tennessee and learn why both sides had their stories to tell. Memphis is a great place to start on this journey…
Civil War Trail in W TN
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Sailing in the Gulf of Mexico from Kemeh – Galveston!
Sailing in the Gulf
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Beaumont! The little city with a big heart — visit Spindletop, home of the big gusher!
Beaumont treasure
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La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa – Golfing, boating, swimming, and more — all on Lake Conroe, TX!
La Torretta Lake Resort La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa [/caption]
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Mountain Lakes in N. AL! Surprises around every bend makes this one of my favorite locations in the south for soaking in all the south has to offer!
Mountain Lakes region of N. Alabama!
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Shreveport-Bossier! Shopping, casinos, movie stars (yes, they make movies here!) and much more!
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Mobile, AL! This is the ultimate location for southern hospitality and charm!
Mobile, AL

Navarre Beach! Located in the Florida panhandle, this is one of the lesser known white sand beaches…one of Florida’s best kept secrets!
Navarre Beach!